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Birding Tours in Kazakhstan

One-day birding tours

Almaty city. There are some intersting birding spots in Almaty area. They are located both in highlands of Tien Shan mountains and desert area. All year around we have possibility to watch birds. Vicinity of Big Almaty lake (2500 m) and Sorbulak lakes are the good examples of the year-round birdwatching spots.

Big Almaty Lake is located in Ozernoe gorge of Ile-Alatau ridge. In spring and summer seasons the most intersting habitat in this location is the juniper thickets, which are the breeding habitat for many of little Passerines of Tien Shan highlands, such as Black-throated Accentor, White-browed Tit-Warbler, White-winged Grosbeack, Himalayan Rubythroat, Blue-capped Redstart. Up of juniper thickets, in the rocks of the alpine belt the Himalayan Accentor, Guldenstadt's Redstart, Brown Accentor live. Some of birds are available for watching both in summer and in winter, for example Brown Accentor and White-winged Grosbeak. Ibisbill, the rare bird of highland gravels, is also watchable year-round.

Sorbulak lakes are located at 80 km from Almaty. The spring and autumn migration seasons are the most interesting times in Sorbulak, these seasons thousands of Ducks and Waders stay to rest in lakes. In summer the Dalmatian Pelicans, Great Cormorants, White-tailed Sea-Eagles, Black-winged Stilts, Caspian Gulls, Black-headed Gulls breed in lakes. Recent years the rare and unusual White-headed Duck nests in Sorbulak. Winter is the time when in unfreezing channels and wormwoods we have chance to watch different Ducks, Green Sandpipers, Little Grebes, sometimes Whooper Swans, but in near-lakes fields the Long-eared Owls, Rough-legged Buzzards, Eastern Buzzards, White-tailed Sea-Eagles, Great Grey Shrikes, and different species of Buntings too.

In addition to these popular birding spots there are some other ones, which priority could be mainest depending on season or specific situation. When you select the spot of watching, please keep in mind that guide's recommendation is always based in his knowlages of local birds, thier biology and habitat.

There are some restrictions on movement in mountains in the time of avalanches and floodwaters. Mostly short birding tours means movement by car with the short distance hiking in points of watching. But for customers the long distance (10-15 kms two way) hiking birding tours in mountains are also available. In two-days tours the spending the night is in tents.

Astana. The best birdatching spot in Astana area is Korgalzhyn. The presence of numerous of fresh and salty lakes, unique steppe landscapes means the plenty of birds. Birding in this area is available from end of April to September. During the spring and autumn migration you have opportunity to watch many siberian birds, mostly Waders and Waterfowls. In spring and summer the Greater Flamingos are available to watch here. Korgalzhyn is the northern-most breeding spot of Greater Flamingo in the world. But the most interesting species for birdwatchers are the special steppe birds, such as Black Lark, White-winged Lark, Sociable Lapwing, Black-winged Pratincole. Definitly Korgalzhyn is the best spot in the world to watch these birds.

Watching the White-headed Ducks / May 2013

Group of birdwatcher in highlands of Tien Shan/ February 2018

At the colony of Sand Martins / May 2013

Canyin of Ili river / July 2015

Conditions of tour:

program is free, depanded to season and wishes of customer
duration: 1 day (3 days in a row maximum)
destination < 150 km
season: year-around
number of customers: 1-2
food: 1 time (lunch)
no accommodation
no transfer from/to airport
Almaty. 1-day tour - € 70-120 one person, depending the duration of tour.
Astana. 1-day tour - € 95 евро one person, transfer from/to Astana is available for additional payment.

Contact person. Anar Issabekova (anarissabekova@birds.kz)

rare birds records

Pallas's Sea-Eagle (Haliaeetus leucoryphus)

© Sean Minns
Prorva area, Atyrau Oblast

Pallas's Sea-Eagle is rare summer visitor in Kazakhstan. Mostly recorded in eastern part of country. In western Kazakhstan in former times it was recorded in Mangyshlak, relatevely recent record is only observation of two birds in Urda forest in the end of June, 1990. So this record is first for western part of Kazakhstan in recent 30 years.

Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus)

© Natali Kim
Eastern Kazakhstan

First record of breeding Peregrine Falcon in high-rise building in large city. Before 1950-60-s Peregrine Falcon was regular breeding bird in cities of Europe, but desapeared after using pesticides by human. In XXI centure Peregrine Falcon became to appeare in large cities, there are articles about nesting in Irkutsk, Ufa, Moscow. But in Kazakhstan this is first record ever.

Egyptian Nightjar (Caprimulgus aegyptius)

© Svetlana Baskakova

First photorecord in birds.kz

White's Thrush (Zoothera dauma)

© Alexey Timoshenko
Uly-Zhylanshyk riv., Kostanay reg.

Second record of White's Thrush in Kustanai oblast. At September 03, 1938 one bird was observed in Naurzum reserve.

unidentified birds


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