Best photos of the month, June 2015.

Eastern Orphean Warbler | Vassiliy Fedorenko | 3

Blue-capped Redstart | Vassiliy Fedorenko | 3

Corn Bunting | Sveta Ashby | 3

White-crowned Penduline Tit | Sveta Ashby | 3

Rosy Starling | Sveta Ashby | 3

Eversmann's Redstart | Vassiliy Fedorenko | 3

Blue-capped Redstart | Askar Isabekov | 2

Blue-cheeked Bee-eater | Askar Isabekov | 2

Steppe Grey Shrike | Askar Isabekov | 2

European Nightjar | Gennadiy Dyakin | 2

White-headed Duck | Gennadiy Dyakin | 2

White-capped Bunting | Vassiliy Fedorenko | 2

Common Crane | Miphail Kalashnikov | 2

Finsch's Wheatear | Askar Isabekov | 2

Eversmann's Redstart | Oleg Belyalov | 2

Eastern Scops-Owl | Dvorianov Vladimir | 2

Squacco Heron | Yuriy Malkov | 2

Steppe Grey Shrike | Askar Isabekov | 2

Black-headed Wagtail | Sveta Ashby | 2

rare birds records

White-winged Snowfinch (Montifringilla nivalis)

© Vladimir Vorobyov
VKO Katon-Karagay

The first record of the species in the Kazakh part of Altai, confirmed by a photo.

Great Black-backed Gull (Larus marinus)

© Qanatbek Kenzhegulov

The first reliable record of the Great Black-backed Gull on the territory of Kazakhstan. There are indications of finds of this gull in the Caspian Sea between the mouths of the Volga and the Urals, as well as near Omsk (Dolgushin 1962). Vagrant are known to the Makhachkala region (Tatarinkova 1970).

Dusky Thrush (Turdus eunomus)

© Askar Isabekov
Uzunagach, Almaty oblast.

A rare vagrant species for Kazakhstan. On February 27 and 28, two birds kept in the thickets of silverberries near the village of Uzynagash (43 km west of Almaty). This is the sixth record of the Dusky Thrush for Kazakhstan. Records of this species are known for the Syrdarya, near the village of Dzhulek (October 16, 1927), near Almaty (February 16, 2013), as well as Ust-Kamenogorsk (October 14 and 16, 2016), Kurgaldzhino (May 7, 2020).

Pygmy Cormorant (Phalacrocorax pygmaeus)

© Askar Isabekov
Almaty, Aitykov str.

The first record of Pygmy Cormorant in Almaty in general and, in particular, during the winter. The expansion of the Pygmy Cormorant to the northeast concerns not only the probable nesting area, but also the wintering grounds. The nearest winter finds are Sorbulak and Taldykorgan (winter 2017-18, one bird each). In this connection, it is worth noting a significant number of birds in the Almaty (40) and Sorbulak (20) records this winter.

unidentified birds


Анна Ясько: Сложно сказать, хохотунья или барабинская. Птица еще не во взрослом наряде, это усложняет задачу.


Анна Ясько: Каменка-плешанка, самка.

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