Best photos of the month, February 2015.

Black Woodpecker | Aibar Magazov | 3

Asian Rosy-Finch | Vladimir Vorobyov | 3

Ibisbill | Vassiliy Fedorenko | 3

Black Woodpecker | Aibar Magazov | 3

Songar Tit | Andrey Kovalenko | 2

Common Sparrowhawk | Andrey Vilyayev | 2

Long-tailed Tit | Vassiliy Fedorenko | 2

Ural Owl | Konstantin Prokopov | 2

Steppe Horned Lark | Yevgeny Belousov | 2

Grey-headed Goldfinch | Svetlana Aleinikova | 2

Tufted Duck | Alexandr Katuncev | 2

Eurasian Dipper | Valentin Zenkov | 2

Western Capercaillie | Svetlana Aleinikova | 2

Golden Eagle | Alexey Timoshenko | 2

Coal Tit | Andrey Kovalenko | 2

rare birds records

Pallas's Sea-Eagle (Haliaeetus leucoryphus)

© Sean Minns
Prorva area, Atyrau Oblast

Pallas's Sea-Eagle is rare summer visitor in Kazakhstan. Mostly recorded in eastern part of country. In western Kazakhstan in former times it was recorded in Mangyshlak, relatevely recent record is only observation of two birds in Urda forest in the end of June, 1990. So this record is first for western part of Kazakhstan in recent 30 years.

Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus)

© Natali Kim
Eastern Kazakhstan

First record of breeding Peregrine Falcon in high-rise building in large city. Before 1950-60-s Peregrine Falcon was regular breeding bird in cities of Europe, but desapeared after using pesticides by human. In XXI centure Peregrine Falcon became to appeare in large cities, there are articles about nesting in Irkutsk, Ufa, Moscow. But in Kazakhstan this is first record ever.

Egyptian Nightjar (Caprimulgus aegyptius)

© Svetlana Baskakova

First photorecord in

White's Thrush (Zoothera dauma)

© Alexey Timoshenko
Uly-Zhylanshyk riv., Kostanay reg.

Second record of White's Thrush in Kustanai oblast. At September 03, 1938 one bird was observed in Naurzum reserve.

unidentified birds


Андрей Коваленко: Думаю, что шахин все же.


Анна Ясько: Садовая камышевка. Проекция ПМ не длинная. Длинный клюв, отсутствие брови, недобрый взгляд - в пользу садовой.

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