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Western Marsh-Harrier

Circus aeruginosus aeruginosus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Западный болотный лунь | Батыс саз құладыны

Altyn-Dala rezervat, Kostanay oblast
© Aleksey Timoshenko


Male in definitive plumage has rufous-buffy head with dark brown streaks; dark-brown mantle with rusty edges of feathers; dark-brown scapulars with grey bars on base; upper tail coverts are brown with grey mottles; cheeks and ear coverts are brown. First five primaries are black with white base of inner webs, outer webs are silvery-tinged. Others primaries are bluish grey with whitish pattern. Throat is whitish, other underparts are brownish-red with dark streaks. Female in definitive plumage has lighter head and top-neck; mantle and scapulars are darker than in spilonotus.


Breeds throughout on plains of Kazakhstan, except waterless and mountain areas; widespread occurs on migration. Wintering in south from Shimkent. 30 birds were observed on Shardara reservoir 18-21 December 2003.


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relative taxons

Circus aeruginosus
(Linnaeus, 1758)
Circus aeruginosus spilonotus
(Kaup, 1847)

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