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Brown-necked Raven

Corvus ruficollis (Lesson, 1830)

Пустынный ворон | Шөл құзғыны

Southern Kazakhstan. Karaktau.
© Boris Gubin


Breeds in southern half of Kazakhstan from Mangyshlak to Semirechye, north to Taushik, Chelkar-Teniz lake, confluence of Sarysu and Kengir rivers and Northern Trans-Balkhash area. Occurs throughout in Betpak-Dala. At wandering and wintering it also observed within this range. Rarely it visits foothills, on Chokpak Pass one bird ringed at October 10, 2002.


Common resident. Inhabits the sand and clay deserts with saxaul trees and low xerophytic vegetation, and arid mountains with rocks. Wandering and wintering birds also occur near villages, farms and slaughterhouses. Breeds in separate pairs at distance 3-10 km from each other. At breeding places appears in early – mid March. Nests is located on tree (saxaul, russian olive, tamarisk) at height 1.2-5 m above the ground, on ruins, in rocks and on tall electricity poles; nest is built from dry twigs and is lined with grass, hair, rags and felt scraps. Clutch of 5-7 eggs is laid in late March – early May. Probably only female incubates for 20-22 days. Both parents feed juveniles which fledge at age 38 days, in late May – early June. Post-breeding movement begins from early October.


Corvus ruficollis ruficollis (Lesson, 1830)


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Corvus ruficollis ruficollis
(Lesson, 1830)


Corvus ruficollis umbrinus
(Sundevall, 1838)
Corvus ruficollis infumatus
(Wagner, 1839)
Corvus ruficollis subcorax
(Severtsov, 1873)
Corvus ruficollis krausei
(Zedlitz, 1911)

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