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Pander's Ground-Jay

Podoces panderi (Fischer, 1821)

Саксаульная сойка | Сексеуіл жорғаторғайы

Sary-Ishik-Otrau sands, Almaty region
© Vassiliy Fedorenko


Lives in Kyzylkum desert, Southern Trans-Balkhash area and probably in Usturt. Please see the detailed distribution in the section Subspecies.


Rare resident. Inhabits the hilly sand deserts with scattered saxaul trees and bushes. Breeds by separate pairs at distance 0.8-4 km from each other. The spherical nest is built in saxaul or bushes of Calligonum genus at height 0.15-2.5 m above the ground; nest is constructed from the twigs and dry grass mixed with the bush bark and bast, cobweb, plant fuzz; and is lined with plenty of hair and feathers. Both partners build nest for about two weeks from the end of February to late March. Clutch of 3-6 eggs is laid in mid March – late May. Female incubate clutch for 16-19 days, male feed her. Both parents feed juveniles, which fledge at age 18-20 days old. Fledglings recorded in early June to first half of July, but the first fledglings probably appear much earlier. Re-nesting after loss of fist clutch is common. Most of the year observed singly or in pairs, sometimes in small groups.


Podoces panderi panderi (Fischer, 1821)

    Description. Smaller and paler overall, the black spotting on the breast is less than in ilensis. Wing length of males is 113.5-125.5 mm (120.1), of females 107-116 mm (113.4).
    Distribution. Breeds in Kyzylkum up to Syrdarya valley and probably the Kaplankyr cliff at Ustyurt. The pair was observed in May 5, 1989 in Sorja hollow. Two birds recorded in June 24, 1999 at Western Chink of Ustyurt, 44o27'N 63o22'E.

Podoces panderi ilensis (Menzbier et Schnitnikov, 1915)

    Description. Larger and darker than panderi, the black spotting on the breast is bigger than in panderi. Wing length of males is 125.7-133.0 mm (130.0), of females 115.5-125.0 mm (120.6).
    Distribution. Breeds in Southern Trans-Balkhash area from southwest point eastward to Aksu valley; in north to Balkhash coast; in south probably to Taukum and Sary-Ishikotrau sands.


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Podoces panderi panderi
(Fischer, 1821)
Podoces panderi ilensis
(Menzbier et Schnitnikov, 1915)

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