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Luscinia svecica tianschanica (Tugarinov, 1929)

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Almatinskaja obl. verhov'e r. Koksu
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The upper parts as on svecica and darker than on pallidogularis, but more greyish, less brownish. The blue bib color is similar on intensity of pallidogularis and lighter than on svecica. The spot on the blue bib is white or rusty. The relative number of the birds with the white spot increases from north to south; and prevails in Western Pamir. The rusty color on the lower breast is dispersed much less than on other races.


Breeds in Tien Shan in the north to Kirgizskiy and Zailiyskiy Alatau, in Dzhungarskiy Alatau and probably in Saur. Distribution on migration is not investigated.


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relative taxons

Luscinia svecica
(Linnaeus, 1758)
Luscinia svecica svecica
(Linnaeus, 1758)
Luscinia svecica pallidogularis
(Zarudny, 1897)

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Юрий Малков: Вылетела из под ног,и я не успел понять кто это.К этому гнезду я ещё конечно вернусь,но не терпится узнать кто это.Птица была больше похожа [....]


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Анна Ясько: Вероятно, южная бормотушка.

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