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White-winged Grosbeak

Mycerobas carnipes (Hodgson, 1836)

Арчовый дубонос | Арша ементұмсығы

Observatory, Big Almaty Lake
© Gennadiy Dyakin


Breeds in Tien Shan (Ugam, Talasskiy, Kirgizskiy, Zailiyskiy and Kungey Alatau, Ketmen ridges) and in Dzhungarskiy Alatau. It occupies Saur also. In summer recorded in upper reaches of Bukhtarma valley, that allows assume its breeding in Southern Altai. Probably it lives in places in Tarbagatay. On dispersal and in winter it comes down to foothills and on adjacent plains, reaching Chu-Iliyskiye Mts. In winter observed 29 November 1981 on Markakol lake and in Bukhtarma valley 7 February 1977.


Common (in places rare or accident) resident. Inhabits the juniper forests, bushes and juniper-spruce light forests at altitudes 1900-2500 m in Talasskiy Alatau, and 2200-3000 m in Zailiyskiy Alatau. On dispersal and wintering visits the lower mountain belts and xerophytic mountains with apple-tree, hawthorn, dog-rose thickets. Breeds in separate pairs, at least 100-150 m from each other. Nest is built by female (male escorts her) in juniper or spruce at height 0.4-17 m above the ground; nest is built from the thin twigs, grass stems and some moss pieces and is lined with juniper bast. Clutch of 2-5 eggs is laid in end of March to early September, mainly from mid-May till end of July. Re-nesting after loss of first clutch is common, but some pairs rear two broods per year, that was proved by ringing by rings of different colours. Both parents incubate clutch for 14-16 days and then feed juveniles which fledge at age 20 days old. Dispersal in lower altitudes in flocks of 10-20 birds begins in November, in spring the latest birds observed in foothills in early April.


Mycerobas carnipes merzbacheri (Schalow, 1908)


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Mycerobas carnipes merzbacheri
(Schalow, 1908)

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