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Songar Tit

Parus songarus (Severtzov, 1873)

Джунгарская гаичка | Ақжағал шөже

Ozerny gorge, Ile Alatau National Park
© Ilya Ukolov


Breeds in coniferous forest of Northern Tien Shan, to east from Zailiyskiy Alatau, and in Dzhungarskiy Alatau. On autumn-winter dispersal sometimes occurs in deciduous forests, reaching Almaty (in winter 1971/1972 observed in Botanical garden).


Common resident. Inhabits the mountain spruce forests above 1500 m, on autumn-winter rare dispersal occurs in foothills. Breeds in separate pairs (which are permanent during several years) at distance 150-200 m from each other. Pairs are formed in winter. Nest is located in tree hole or stub hole (bored by both partners for at least three weeks) at height 0.6-10 m above ground, rarely in woodpecker-bored holes, natural holes or nest-boxes; nest is built from moss, bast and dry grass and is lined with plenty of hair and feathers, for one-two weeks. Clutch of 4-6 eggs is laid in mid-May to mid-June. Only female incubates clutch for 13-15 days, male brings her the food. Both parents feed juveniles which fledge at age 20-22 days old, in end June to mid-July. Broods observed up to early August. In autumn – winter Songar Tits live in small groups or in pairs.


Parus songarus songarus (Severtzov, 1873)


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Parus songarus songarus
(Severtzov, 1873)

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Юрий Малков: Вылетела из под ног,и я не успел понять кто это.К этому гнезду я ещё конечно вернусь,но не терпится узнать кто это.Птица была больше похожа [....]


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Анна Ясько: Вероятно, южная бормотушка.

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