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Willow Tit

Parus montanus (Baldenstein, 1827)

Буроголовая гаичка | Күреңбас шөже

Eastern Kazakstan,Usti-Kamenogorsk .Komsomolskii ostrov
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Breeds in Northern Kazakhstan (Naurzum, Kokchetav upland, Alekseyevka area), near Shortandy, in Pavlodar Trans-Irtysh area, Semipalatinsk, Kazakh Upland (Bayanaul, Karkaralinsk), Kalbinskiy Altai, on Southwest Altai and Saur. On dispersal occurs in Irtysh, Ishim and Tobol rivers valleys rivers, in Utva-Ilek area, and sometimes in lower Ural valley and about Karaganda.


Common, in places rare resident. Inhabits the coniferous (pine, larch, fir) or mixed (with birch, poplar and willow) forests; and deciduous flood-land forests at altitudes to 2000 m, where lives all the year round. Breeds in separate pairs which are formed in late winter – early spring. Nest is built by female (male escort her only) in dead-tree hole or stub-hole (birch, poplar, larch, fir) at height 0.4-6 m above the ground; nest is from bast and is lined with plenty of hair and feathers. Clutch of 4-8 eggs is laid in mid-May – mid-June. Only female incubates clutch for 13-15 days, male brings her the food. Both parents feed juveniles which fledge in mid-June – mid-July. Dispersal in small groups begins in August – September.


Parus montanus borealis (Selys-Longchamps, 1843)


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Parus montanus borealis
(Selys-Longchamps, 1843)

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