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Pallas's Warbler

Phylloscopus proregulus (Pallas, 1811)

Корольковая пеночка | Әсем сарықас

Korgalzhyn vill., Korgalzhyn reg., Akmola oblast
© Aleksey Timoshenko


Large flocks of vagrant birds were observed in autumns of 1960-1961 on northern slopes of Talass Alatau and in upper course of Arys river (6-23 October 1960, 3-17 October 1961); single birds were recorded at same places in early November 1970 and 1971, 13 April 2004. At Chokpak Pass singles ringed 21 October 2001 and 24 October 2002. Rarely observed in lower current of Sarysu river (27 September 1986), in Irtysh valley near Ust-Kamenogorsk (31 October 1981), in Kurgaldzhino Reserve (18 September 1999), in Ile valley near Kapchagay (22 May 1990).


Rare passage migrant. Occurs in juniper forests, deciduous mountain forests, riparian forests, tamarisk bushes and in shelterbelts. In spring recorded in mid April - end May; in autumn singly and in small groups of 3-5 birds wer observed in mid-September - early November.


Phylloscopus proregulus proregulus (Pallas, 1811)


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Phylloscopus proregulus proregulus
(Pallas, 1811)

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