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Yellow-browed Warbler

Phylloscopus inornatus (Blyth, 1842)

Пеночка-зарничка | Арай сарықасы

Atyrau oblast
© Tim Sykes


The Yellow-browed Warbler is a little Warbler with brownish-green upperparts; whitish underparts; slightly yellowish tinge on flanks; two light bars on wings; and light edges on tertials. Often the secondaries have light edges. The supercilium is broad pale-yellow; sometimes there is the hint of pale median crown-strip. The legs are yellowish or olive-brownish. It is distinguished from the Pallas's Warbler by the absence of light yellow crown-strip and yellow rump patch. From the Greenish Warbler it is distinguished by the two wing bars and dark bill. From the Hume's Warbler (with which was formerly treated as conspecific) it is distinguished by the more contrast colors, slightly less size and the wing form. In the middle summer before the molting, when the old feathers outwear, one of the wing bar (the fore bar on the median wing coverts) disappears on much individuals; only one bar on the greater coverts remains.


The Yellow-browed Warbler being rare passage migrant was recorded in lower current of Ural river near Atyrau (7 and 25 October 1973), on Ustyurt 17-18 October 2002, in lower current of Sarysu river (15 and 17 September 1986), in Kurgaldzhino Reserve (19 May 1984 and 14 September 1990), in Kanshengel (19-20 May 2002), in foothills of Western Tien Shan at Chokpak Pass (13 October 1969, 13 September 2001, 27 September 2002), in Mangyshlak (3 October 2011) and in Ust-Kamenogorsk (2 September 2013).


The Yellow-browed Warbler is rare passage migrant. It occurs in deciduous forests, forest-belts, gardens, groves and in bush thickets. At spring it recorded on mid-end May and in autumn from mid September to early-end October by singles and mostly in small groups.


Phylloscopus inornatus inornatus (Blyth, 1842)


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Phylloscopus inornatus inornatus
(Blyth, 1842)


Phylloscopus inornatus praemium
(Mathews et Iredale, 1915)
Phylloscopus inornatus saturatus
(Baker, 1924)

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Анна Ясько: Пеночка-теньковка.Талгат, при вводе координат вводятся только цифры. Лишнюю букву я удалила - карта появилась.


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