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Sylvia atricapilla (Linnaeus, 1758)

Черноголовая славка | Қарабас сандуғаш

Trassa Aktau-Fort Shevchenko, 43 kilometr, Munailinsky raion, Mangictauskaya oblast'
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Occasionally breeds in middle current of Ural valley. Displaying male observed in summer up to 10 July 1932 at Borovoye. Common on migration in lower current of Ural valley, rare in Utva-Ilek area near Uspenovka village (4-8 September 1990), near Aksay town (20 August 1990), on Mangyshlak (10 May 1947 and 8-16 September 1964), on Ustyurt (15 October 2013) and at lower current of Turgay river (19 May 1986). Two males were caught in Kurgaldzhino Reserve (25 May 2000 and 2 October 2002). One bird shot in Kyzylkum desert (4 May 1973).


Accidental breeding migrant. Inhabits deciduous and mixed forest with dense under growth. In spring appears in second half of April – early May. Nest is built in bush or in tree from dry grass lined with rootlets and some hair by both partners. Clutches of 4-6 eggs. Unsuccessful nest building observed 29 May 1979 near Krasnoarmeyskoe village. Both parents incubate and feed juveniles, which fledge at 11 days old. On autumn migration recorded from mid-September up to early October.


Sylvia atricapilla atricapilla (Linnaeus, 1758)


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Sylvia atricapilla atricapilla
(Linnaeus, 1758)

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