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Ruddy Shelduck

Tadorna ferruginea (Pallas, 1764)

Огарь | Сарыалақаз
spring male

Kurty river, Almaty region
© Vassiliy Fedorenko


Breeds and widespread on migration, both on plains, and in mountains up to 2500-3000 m in Tien Shan and 1500-2000 m on Altai. Wintering south of Shymkent, sometimes on Ile river close to Dzharkent and in lower reaches of Charyn river. During mild winters near Barsa-Kelmes on Aral Sea; 50 birds recorded 2 December 2002 in Western Tien Shan, two birds observed 11 January 2004 on unfrozen stream near Aksuek, and on Sorbulak lake – up to 150 birds in January 2004, up to 300-700 birds recorded on fields in mid December 2004 but after first frost in late October/mid-November, birds migrate with only 3 birds observed on 25 December.


Common breeding migrant. Inhabits steppe and desert near fresh and salty lakes, ponds and small non-permanent watering holes as well as rocky mountains near lakes, usually not well forested up to 3000 m in Tien Shan and 2000 m on Altai. During migration occurs mostly on lakes; also visits cereal and stubble fields. Appears mid February or March in south of Kazakhstan and April in more northern areas. Migrates in pairs or small flocks, up to ten birds. Breeds in separate pairs, often not far apart. Sometimes nests as far as 10 km away from water and small chicks need to march back to the water. Both parents escort them, many perish or fall victim to predators. Nest is built underground in holes of mammals (generally fox, corsac, marmot or wolf) or under stones in cliffs, and in holes of Asiatic Poplar or rarely in old haycocks. Clutches of 7-17, more often of 9-12 eggs in early April – mid-May. Only female incubates, male stands guard nearby. Juveniles hatch in mid-May – end June. Both parents care for juveniles, until ready to fly by mid-July – first 10 days of August. Sometimes in July several broods hook up; 8 adults with 30 young, and 10 with 60 offspring recorded. Migration (flight feathers in moult) occurs end May – early July, large numbers concentrate (hundreds and thousands) on Tengiz lake, Balkhash and Sorbulak lake near Almaty. Before migration, very often feed on stubble fields. In autumn migrate in flocks of 50 and more birds, mostly in September, latest records end October – late November.


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other names

Красная утка, земляная утка.

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