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Turkestan Shrike

Lanius phoenicuroides karelini (Bogdanov, 1881)

Туркестанский жулан | Қызылқұйрық тағанақ

Beriktas village, Almaty region
© Vassiliy Fedorenko


The crown is grey or greyish-buffy; the back is grey or light brownish-grey. The underparts are white light rusty tinged. The white supercilium is broad and washed. Generally the upperparts are paler, more greyish and less brown than on phoenicuroides.


Breeds and occurs on migration in the southern part of Kazakhstan plains from Trans-Aral area and lower Turgay river eastward to Zaysan depression and Tien Shan foothills; in north to Kirey and Tengiz lakes. Since 1998 its breeding has occurred in Naurzum Reserve. In 1996 and 2002 recorded on Buzachi peninsula and Ustyurt.


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relative taxons

Lanius phoenicuroides
(Schalow, 1875)
Lanius phoenicuroides phoenicuroides
(Schalow, 1875)

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Игорь Фефелов: Но всё же это болотный лунь.


Анна Ясько: Александр "казнить нельзя помиловать"? Так солончаковый не похож или серый не похож?


Игорь Фефелов: На втором снимке летит чирок-трескунок самец. На первом фото справа - тоже трескунок, самка, а слева непонятно. Так или иначе, серию можно пометить [....]

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