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Tawny Owl

Strix aluco (Linnaeus, 1758)

Обыкновенная неясыть | Кәдімгі жапалақ

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Lives in Western Tien Shan, on dispersal occurs in Ural river valley also. Please see the detailed distribution in the section Subspecies.


Very rare resident. Inhabits old deciduous and mixed forests. Breeds by separate pairs. Nest is located in tree holes, on attic of house, in old Corvids or raptors nests at height 0.5-10 m above ground. Males utter mating-calls from the end of March up to end of July. Clutches of 2-6 eggs found in April - May probably. Fledglings recorded from end of May to early June.


Strix aluco siberiae (Dementiev, 1934)

    Description. Morphism in this subspecies is absent, only grey variation of colour. General colour is pale-grey, lighter than in haermsi. Dark pattern on upper- and underparts is less prominent and slimmer, white on basic background is well developed, especially on underparts. Wing length of males 280-300 (291), of females 301-307 (303) mm.
    Distribution. On dispersal and in winter occurs in Ural River valley up to Atyrau. Three birds shot near Dokuchaevka village in December 1996.

Strix aluco haermsi (Zarudny, 1911)

    Description. Morphism in this subspecies absent, only grey variation of colour. General colour is close to siberiae, but a little darker. Dark pattern on upper- and underparts more developed, white on basic background is less developed than in siberiae. Cross-pattern on underparts is more straightened, less zigzag-shape. The largest subspecies. Wing length of males 300-316 (307), of females 315-332 (323) mm.
    Distribution. Occupies Western Tien Shan. Singing was heard in Almaty 29 May and 2 June 2004. In winter recorded near Kzyl-Orda (27 March 1927) and Dzharkent (3 December 1906).


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Strix aluco siberiae
(Dementiev, 1934)
Strix aluco haermsi
(Zarudny, 1911)

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Серая неясыть

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