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Snowy Owl

Nyctea scandiaca (Linnaeus, 1758)

Белая сова | Ақ жапалақ
young bird

SE from Kanshengel. Almaty oblast.
© Andrey Kovalenko


Occurs in open landscapes from the northern border of country in south to Urda village and Kamysh-Samarskiye lakes, Makhambet village in Ural valley, on Mangyshlak, Northern Trans-Aral area, Syrdarya valley and in northern foothills of Tien Shan (Almaty). Earlier occasionally observed in Markakol lake area, in foothills of Western Altai and in Zaysan depression.


Rare, in places accidental winter visitor. Occurs in open lands near forest patches, in river valleys with bushes and trees, in steppes, semi-deserts or ploughed fields, with telegraph or electric poles often. In autumn appears in end of October – November. In spring latest birds recorded in April – early of May.


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Полярная сова

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