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Eurasian Woodcock

Scolopax rusticola (Linnaeus, 1758)

Вальдшнеп | Жылқышы

Mangystau oblast, Tubkaragan region
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Breeds in Western Altai on Ivanovskiy and Lineyskiy ridges, in valleys of Belaya and Chernaya Uba and Malaya Ulba rivers. Displaying males occur in the lower reaches of Bukhtarma river, on Targyn river, in Kalbinskiy Altai and in Kaindy river valley on Narymskiy ridge. On Markakol lake occurs only in autumn. Displaying males observed in early May on Koksu valley (Dzhungar Alatau); on Tentek valley near Ucharal two birds recorded in June 23, 2004. Breeds also in Northern Tien Shan, and irregularly on Chu valley. Displaying males recorded in end of May in Charyn grove. On migration recorded in many places including Central Kazakhstan (October 15, 1969; December 16, 1969); the intense autumn migration occurs on Ural valley. Occasionally winters in vicinities of Almaty and Tashkent.


Rare, but locally fairly common breeding migrant. Inhabits the dense deciduous forests with the dead wind-fallen trees and shrubs, the mixed forests with the patches of asp trees or with prevailing of deciduous trees and shrubs; in mountains at altitudes 1300-2000 m in Zailiyskiy Alatau; or the riparian scrubby forests with the small marsh plots in deserted foothills. On migration occurs in forested river valleys, groves, shelterbelts, gardens, and rare in the reed-beds on shores of lakes. Arrives from end of March to mid-April, latest migrants observed in early May. Nest is located under the scarce grass or bush in the shallow hole and is lined with dead grass and leaves. The males displaying flights take place in early April to first ten days of July. Clutch of 4 eggs is laid in late April to mid-June. Only female incubates the clutch. Chicks hatched in early May to early July, the latest brood with flying juveniles was recorded in August 23, 2000. The long breeding time can be explained not only by re-nesting, but also by the double-breeding of some females. The autumn migration begins at northern areas in August, at southern ones begins in September, and finishes until the end of October.


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