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Great Snipe

Gallinago media (Latham, 1787)

Дупель | Маңқы


In the past nested on middle current of Ural valley, in lower reaches of Ilek river (Dolgushin, 1962a), where at last decades was not found (Shevchenko et al., 1993; Khrokov et al., 1993). Considered as breeding for Irtysh valley in vicinities of Semipalatinsk and Ust'-Kamenogorsk, in Bukhtarma valley (Dolgushin, 1962a), however modern authentic finds in East Kazakhstan not present (Scherbakov, Berezovikov, 1978; Berezovikov, 1989a; Berezovikov et al., 1992). Last nest in lower reaches of Ul’ba river near Ust'-Kamenogorsk was found in 1964 (Khrokov, Samusev, 1990). Displaying males on Maraldy lake in Pavlodarskoye Trans-Irtysh'e observed 15 May 1982 (Solomatin, 1999a). On migration occurs before everywhere, excluding waterless areas.


Very rare breeding migrant. Inhabits hummock marshes with shrubs, on migration occurs on wet meadows, marshes, grassy shore of rivers, lakes and irrigation canals. Appears in end March – mid-April, latest records in early May or early June, as exception. Polygamous, on displaying points up to one hundred mails gather. Nest builds by female on ground. Clutches of four eggs, only female incubate and stay with small chicks. The only nest found 18 June 1964 near Ust'-Kamenogorsk. It was placed on meadow among grass in small depression and lined with dry grass. It contained 4 slightly incubated eggs. Autumn migration begins in end of August, latest records in early October.


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Анна Ясько: Так я бы сказала, что по ссылке тоже кумай. Сравнивать лучше с сипами, которые обитают вне ареала кумая


Анна Ясько: Да надо бы. Если есть подозрительные - ссылку киньте, пожалуйста.


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