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Curlew Sandpiper

Calidris ferruginea (Pontoppidan, 1763)

Краснозобик | Қызылтөс құмдауық
spring plumage

Mangistau oblast, Fetisovo
© Andrey Vilyayev


Occurs on migration on plain Kazakhstan everywhere, and occasionally in mountains of Southern Altai on Markakol lake.


Common passage migrant. Occurs on the muddy, sandy or saline soil shores of fresh and salty lakes, ponds, rivers. In spring recorded from mid-April to early June, most of birds migrate in May, in flocks of several dozen birds often with other Sandpipers of Calidris genus. In autumn adult birds appear in early July, juveniles in early – mid-August. Most birds migrate in August – early September, latest were observed in mid-October.


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