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Long-toed Stint

Calidris subminuta (Middendorff, 1851)

Длиннопалый песочник | Ұзынсаусақ құмдауық

Kanshengel, Taukum sands, Southern Trans-Balkhash area
© Askar Isabekov


Long-toed Stint in size and exterior is similar to Little Stint but more elegant and with longer legs, often less rufous, with prominent whitish supercilium; the main distinction is greyish-yellow or greenish legs. Bill with usually obvious pale base to lower mandible. In flight it is very similar to Little Stint but has short and narrow wing-bar (only on secondaries), toes are project the tail (not project on other Stints). Underwing looks barred. From Temminck's Stint both adults and juveniles are distinguished by buffy color of underparts streaks, neat streaks on neck and craw, and prominent supercilium. Weight 20-30 gr; length 13-15, wing 8.8-10, wingspan 26-30 cm.


Recorded on migration mostly in eastern half of Kazakhstan: in Irtysh valley, in foothills of Kalbinskiy Altai, on Zaysan lake, Chiliktinskaya valley and in mountains of Southern Altai on Markakol' lake. Rare occurs in Alakol lake, on Sorbulak lake near Almaty. One bird recorded in Kurgaldjino Reserve in August 1999. In breeding time was observed in Monrak ridge.


Rare passage migrant. Occurs on muddy or sandy shores of fresh and brackish lakes and pounds. Spring records in mid-April only. At autumn adults registered from end of June to mid-August, juveniles from mid-July to second decade of September. On Alakol lake in 1981-1993, 22 adults were netted in season from 1 July to 9 August, and 58 juveniles from 26 July to 26 August. On Sorbulak lake near Almaty in 1977-1985 23 adults were caught in season from 27 June to 16 August, and 132 juveniles from 15 July to 18 September. Long-toed Stint migrates in the same dates as Little Stint with which it occurs in mixed flocks.


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Игорь Фефелов: На подхвостье даже не скобки, а прямо копьевидные пестрины...


Анна Ясько: Скорее всего, тоже белошапочная.


Андрей Коваленко: Зяблик. Но я бы такие фото не выставлял...

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