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Peregrine Falcon

Falco peregrinus calidus (Latham, 1790)

Сапсан | Лашын

Ust-Kamenogorsk. Strelka.
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Lighter than peregrinus. Male’s head and upper back are ashy-grey, slightly darker than rest back and scapulars which have the bluish tinge. Forehead is whitish, some lighter than in peregrinus. «Moustaches» is narrower than in peregrinus. Black on cheeks and over the eyes black expressed much less, white and greyish-white colours dominate on these parts. Under parts are white with not always present very faint yellowish-pink tinge. Flanks with very faint or lack bluish-grey shade. Flanks bars are rare, narrow and more light. Female is more pale, greyish above; white with faint yellowish-pink shade on underparts. Pattern on under parts is less expressed than in peregrinus, the craw and upper breast are without spots, but may have the dark shifts of feathers. Male wing length 315-325 (319), female 350-370 (362) mm.


Occurs in Kazakhstan on migration almost everywhere.


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relative taxons

Falco peregrinus
(Tunstall, 1771)
Falco peregrinus peregrinus
(Tunstall, 1771)
Falco peregrinus brookei
(Sharpe, 1873)

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