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Pallas's Sea-Eagle

Haliaeetus leucoryphus (Pallas, 1771)

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Karashengil, Middle current of Ile river, Almaty oblast
© Oleg Belyalov


Before now recorded on Mangyshlak, in Syrdarya valley at Karauzyak station, on Ile river at Kapchagay and Dzharkent, and on Markakol lake. Recent decades the several records of Pallas's Sea-Eagles belong to Volga-Ural-Emba area (two birds were observed in forest near Urda in the end of June 1990); to Aral Sea 28 July 2003; Turgay river; area of Topar lakes (at 1 June 2003, adult bird); Kurgaldzhino Reserve; Irtysh at Pavlodarskoe 1 June 1994; Chernyy Irtysh river; Chu and Ile (Kapchagai) valleys; Zaisan and Alakol depressions; and Sorbulak lake. In lower reaches of Ile river opposite the Malay Sary ridge at one point two adults were observed 9 May 1985, one adult at 18 June 1985 and 2 May 1986.


Very rare vagrant. Occurs in riparian forests and on the big lakes with reed-beds and single trees. In spring appears in the end of February – early March. The autumn movements were noticed in September – October, latest birds were recorded in November – early December.


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Анна Ясько: Пеночка-теньковка.Талгат, при вводе координат вводятся только цифры. Лишнюю букву я удалила - карта появилась.


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