Eurasian Nuthatch

Sitta europaea asiatica (Gould, 1837)

Обыкновенный поползень | Орман көктекесі
© Vladimir Shefer

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author: Vladimir Shefer
location: Eastern Kazakstan,Usti-Kamenogorsk .Komsomolskiy Ostrov
date: 2012-10-27
equipment: Nikon 5000. Nikkor 70-300

2012-10-27. Ким Наталья: (-1-)

Отличная серия, Володя!

2012-10-27. Шефер Владимир: (-1-)

Спасибо , Наташа !!!

2013-01-27. Markus Lagerqvist: (-1-)


I write for the magazine Roadrunner, issued by the Swedish twitchers' association Club300 (C3). The C3 is a non-profit organisation and the magazine is not for profit either. Any surplus goes to bird conservation in Sweden and elsewhere. The website of the association is found on – unfortunately there is not a lot of information on that site in English. An example of the magazine (which unfortunately is only in Swedish) can be found here:

We are looking for pictures for an article on bird races that could be split into species and of species that have recently been split. In that search I came across your nuthatch picture.

We would very much like to publish this photo. Would this be ok with you? In that case we need the picture in jpg-format, in as high resolution as possible [but max 15 MB] and without any changes made to the original [this includes not cropped].
Also, if you would let us use the photo, please let us know your postal address and we will send you a copy of the magazine in due time.

Best regards,
Markus Lagerqvist
Roadrunner magazine

2013-01-27. Шефер Владимир: (-1-)

Hey, Marcus!
I sent you a letter and a picture, but I was told that the incorrect address.
Email me

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