Rough-legged Buzzard

Buteo lagopus (Pontoppidan, 1763)

Зимняк | Айнақанат тілеміш
© Andrey Shatalov

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author: Andrey Shatalov
date: 2022-10-10
equipment: Nikon D90 Tamron 70-300

2022-10-11. Алдияр Сапарбаев: (-1-)

Зимняк видится по окрасу.

2022-10-11. Андрей Шаталов: (-1-)

Спасибо, Алдияр.

2022-10-12. Игорь Фефелов: (-2-)

Зимняк, да.

2022-10-13. Gou Jun: (-1-)

I am very sorry that I have sent this text here. We have sent many messages to the website, but have not received any reply. Also hope that familiar people can forward to the site administrator, thank you very much!
Dear Site Administrator
My name is Gou Jun and I am the Administrator of Birds of xinjiang .Had been in contact with Mr Askar Isabekov (Express deep condolences to him), but after Mr Askar death, We lost contact with the director of Birds of Kazakhstan. We are eager to make contact with the new site Administrator,Please give us a new email address.
Today, we found that the Chinese display of Xinjiang Birds website has problems. Hope it can be resolved soon。
Gou Jun (Beaver)

2022-10-13. Алдияр Сапарбаев: (-1-)

Dear Gou Jun,
I will forward your message to Raufael and Anna, who are in the team who maintain this community. I hope they can help you.

2022-10-13. Gou Jun: (-1-)

That's great. Thank you very much.

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