Short-eared Owl

Asio flammeus (Pontoppidan, 1763)

Болотная сова | Саз жапалақ
© Ivan Zuban

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author: Ivan Zuban
location: North Kazakhstan area
date: 2012-05-05
equipment: Canon SX 100

2012-06-18. Асель и Анастасия: (-1-)

а мы видели ее гнездо и совят. целых девять штук.

2012-12-29. Günter Zaillenthal: (-1-)

Dear Mr. Zuban Ivan

Super Fotos !!!

I am an amateur zoologist from Austria and I work on a list of all bird species (only for myself and personal use). I want to add to all the animals in the list a picture, so I want to ask you, if I am allowed, to copy some pictures from your picture gallery by Birds of Kazakhstan in my lists - only for private use! I will not create a homepage, I will not sell the photos and I will not publish the photos - I only want to add them to my lists.
I am looking forward to a permission to copy some photos.
My Email is

Yours faithfully


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