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Uzunagach. Thrushes Day 2.

2021-02-28 | Askar Isabekov

We were going to visit silverberry groves in east of Almaty today, but drive in opposite direction, because yesterday in Uzunagach village I found rare for us species of Thrushes, which would be new species for Gennady and Victoria. Birding spot is snake-shaped river with a few silverberry trees, in which different species of birds are foraging, mostly Thrushes, majority of which is formed by of course Black-throated ones. Not immediately but we found firstly Red-throated Thrush, and then Dusky one, and even Redwing. Victoria and Gennady have two new birds each. I also was happy due guys saw rare birds I found yesterday. More than my today photos exactly better than yesterday ones. Before the lunch time we found all we wished, but Victoria couldn't photograph Redwing, but it hid somwhere. Have to say Redwing today was th most shy of all six species of local Thrushes, and seems it was a single bird. We discussed the probable reasons of presence of rare Thrushes. Gennady guessed the one of [...... read more ]

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Uzunagach. Thrushes Day.

2021-02-27 | Askar Isabekov

The weather forecat of Saturday (today) was cloudy but forecast of Sunday was sunny, therefore we are going to go birding in Sunday. But something in my head was itched, so I decided to go birding in some place. As tomorrow we are going to drive in east of Almaty, so I decided to go west, maximum untill Degeres, but depending in the context. When I crossed Uzunagach directly in exit of village I noticed some Thrush-sized birds in silverberry trees. By binocular I was seeing someone reddish but probably it was leaves of berries before the bird. I moved right and left and understood reddish something is not leaves or berries, it is self bird. Then I back to car for a camera and took some control photos, of which I guessed that bird is Dusky Thrush. New bird for me! The next about one hour I waited when Dusky Thrush dive me a chance to photograph it more or less good quality frames, but unfortunatelly I couldn't did it. First reason is the weather, it was not so cloudy may be even sunny, but [...... read more ]

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2021-02-25 | Svetlana Baskakova

Замело, похолодало. Сидим ждем, кого непогода выдавит из гор или застигнет на пролетном пути и к горам прибьет. Пока на прикорме все наши. [...... read more ]

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Приташкентские Чули - Сырдарья

2021-02-19 | Svetlana Baskakova

17-19 февраля 2021 г. совершили трехдневный тур по югу юга с Георгием Шакула. [...... read more ]

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2021-02-18 | Askar Isabekov

Go to Sorbulak. Weather is warm (+15C), sunny but heavy windy. Snow is absent, the side roada are almost dry, but big water is still under the ice, just along the coastal line there is open from ice space, which is a little trouble to fishers brave walking on already dark ice. And of course the open water in the points of chanels adjoining is significant enlarged. Due the heave wind big water stormed, that was a problem to watch birds.Structure of birds species is still winter. Just number of Ruddy Shellducks, Mallards is increased, the first Pallas's Gulls, Northern Lapwings, Northern Pintails, Common Teals, Red-crested Pochards, Common Starlings, Black-headed Gulls appeared, so the many new birds are present, but in a little number. That is just vanguard, the main part of birds will appeared after about ten days.Of the birds of prey the White-tailed Sea-Eagles are prevailed, the subadult birds roosted on ice, but in know for us nest the breeding process is already started. In addition [...... read more ]

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2021-02-16 | Gennadiy Dyakin

Пару часов прогулялся по аватскому джидовнику (10.20-12.20). Погода отличная - солнечно, тепло, безветренно, совсем весенняя, хотя еще много нерастаявшего снега. Но птицы еще все зимние. [...... read more ]

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Бугуньское водохранилище и около

2021-02-15 | Svetlana Baskakova

Съездили на Бугуньское водохранилище с Георгием Шакула, заодно поездили по окрестным полям. Было солнечно и нестерпимо тепло - даже в футболках жарко.Подсчет птиц проводился путем фиксации в аудиодневнике всех встреч птиц на автомобильном и пеших маршрутах с последующим, уже дома, прослушиванием и записыванием в тетрадочку по типу 1+2+20+30=53 и с дальнейшим округлением до порядка возможной погрешности. Например, если грачей - как самой массовой птицы - получилось 798, это пишется как 800. Для массовых скоплений птиц, которых удалось сфотографировать [...... read more ]

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2021-02-06 | Svetlana Baskakova

Совершили дневной конный поход к водопаду Кши-Каинды. Туда-обратно 24 км. Наблюдать птиц с лошади сложно, а фотографировать и вовсе невозможно, но тем не менее некоторый списочек у нас есть. [...... read more ]


2021-02-04 | Svetlana Baskakova

С Федором Шакула прошли кольцевой маршрут в 13 км. Видели 22 вида птиц. [...... read more ]

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Састобе и около

2021-02-03 | Svetlana Baskakova

Слегка поездили по полям между селами Ынтымак, Машат, Мынбай, Састобе, Жанузак с Георгием Шакула. Выехали уже во второй половине дня, тем не менее 24 вида набрали. [...... read more ]

rare birds records

Shikra (Accipiter badius)

© Andrey Kovalenko

The northernmost nesting record in the Caspian region. Prior to this, since 2015, the Shikra has been found nesting in the Mangistau region of Aktau (see the birds.kz gallery), on April 22, 2019, one bird was photographed north of Aktau - in the city of Fort Shevchenko (A. Kydyr, birds.kz ).

White-winged Tern (Chlidonias leucopterus)

© Vladimir Vorobyov
VKO Katon-Karagay

A new species for the Katon-Karagai National Park. A flock of 12 birds was recorded on May 20, 2022 in the floodplain of the middle reaches of the Bukhtarma in the Taylakova Yama tract, one bird on May 27, 2022 in the valley of the middle reaches of the Kara-Kaba on Lake Shoptykol, on June 3, 2022 in the Karazher tract, June 6 on the lake Yazevoe. Воробьёв В.М. 2022. Встреча белокрылой крачки Chlidonias leucopterus в среднем течении реки Бухтармы на Южном Алтае // Рус. орнитол. журн. 31 (2191): 2376-2379.

Great Snipe (Gallinago media)

© Martin Grienenberger
Betpak Dala

The first record of the Great Snipe in Kazakhstan, after more than 30 years, confirmed by photography. The last record of this species dates back to 1987, when on May 7 a migrating Great Snipe was caught in the Tentek delta (Khrokov et al. 1993).

Ural Owl (Strix uralensis)

© Yuriy Malkov

The first nesting record in the Kostanay region. It is known that the Ural Owl breeds in the South-Western Altai and Kalba, there is also evidence of nesting in the North Kazakhstan region (Zuban, Kalashnikov 2017) and in the East Kazakhstan region in forests north of Semey (Karpov, Levin 2005). In the Kostanay region, this species was occasionally found only during wintering (A.Yu. Timoshenko, G.Yu. Timoshenko 2021, Yu. Malkov, birds.kz).

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Анна Ясько: Как пролёт чаек, так каждый раз головоломка. Чайка слева - барабинская или халей?


Кудайберген Амирекул: Предлагаю удалить фотографию.


Анна Ясько: Похожа на молодую плешанку.


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