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Urban Birding. Desert Warbler.

2017-03-31 | Askar Isabekov

Hour-and-a-half birding with beginners in Republic Square. I hope that beginners were satisfied, but I was very satisfied because we found the Desert Warbler almost in the center of the city. I never seen Desert Warblers in Almaty, and I am sure nobody seen it here. All other birds of bushes were expected: two Turkestan Shrikes, three Isabelline Shrikes, Bluethroat, Chaffinches, Tree Sparrow and common residents. Carrion Crows probably are finishing the nest reconstruction, we saw Crow with some pieces of sintepon in bill, one piece of sintepon fall from bill to grass. Female Sparrowhawk was reconstructing old nest too, male was not observed. The first in this spring Wood Pigeon flew by.Because beginners didn't notice how was time I can assume that the initiation to birdwatching was successful list of birds [...... read more ]

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В поисках морянки.

2017-03-30 | Serg Silan

Глядя на фотострельбу наших южан захотелось весны.но в наших краях хотя и потеплело.но еще очень много снега и перелетных птиц пока мало.Доехал до плотины Бухтарминской ГЭС и прошел по берегу до Серебрянска....Изменений больших пока нет.Основные среди водоплавающих -гоголя, появилась перелетная кряква,и значительно больше,чем зимой стало большого крохаля.Последние два года,Иртыш весной облюбовали огари.Если в прошлом году встретилась лишь пара,то в этом году их уже больше десятка.Морянка встретилась на том же месте,где я ее обнаружил 19 марта.Были [...... read more ]

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Sorbulak. The 2nd visit in week.

2017-03-29 | Askar Isabekov

My last visit to Sorbulak was 4 days ago. But guests arrived and I decide to show the, our main birding spot.What changed during these 4 days. White-headed Duck, Black-necked Grebe, Dunlin, Black-headed Wagtails, Steppe Grey Shrike appeared. Most of Ducks disappeared, Cormorants are numerous but not gather in shores. Ice melted everywhere. Trip list of birds. [...... read more ]

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What you can see in the city right now?

2017-03-28 | Askar Isabekov

One or one and half hour is the time need to urban birding. Two days I had birding in Dendropark and in Republic Square in Almaty. Now you can meet familiar (often) or unfamiliar birdwatchers in the urban birding spots. In 26th of March in Dendropark (aka President's Park) I met Gennady and Elena Dyakins, we together had some birding. Black-headed Gull was surprise for us, but Pied and Northern Weatears, and Pheasant were predictable but nice records. Bramblings and Chaffinches are yet in park. Magpies are building the nests. Next day I visited Republic Square. At first birds were invisible. Only Isabelline Shrike didn't hide. But when I carefully observed bushes and under the spruce trees I find other birds. I again saw Bramblings-Chaffinches, common Great Tits, Blackbirds and also season guests – Black-throated Accentors and Eversmann's Redstart. Soon, probably after several weeks the urban birding will become very interesting. But some of today records (for example Gull) is interesting [...... read more ]

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2017-03-25 | Askar Isabekov

The last day before the rainy week me and Sanzhar Abdikhalyk uded to go to Sorbulak. The main target of trip is migrating birds. The first stopping we made over the Karaoi village, where he little finches were singing the songs in roadside thickets. I thing we saw more the one hundred Bramblings, Chaffinches, Grey-headed Goldfinches, Linnets. Further we watched these birds many times and numerous in single trees.In the water of Little Sorbulak there are a lot of Ducks and Coots, in the second reservoir we counted 3-4 thousands of water birds concentrated in the center of reservoir. In the gulf of first reservoir we watched hundreds of Cormorants in breeding plumage. In other spots we saw the breeding games of Great Crested Grebes. Of shorebirds we saw only Little Ringed Plovers which are in flocks yet. The Wagtails were a lot (Masked, White, Cintrines Wagtails), also we saw Water Pipits and Shrikes. In spite of prohibition of hunting we permanently heard the sounds of shots. When we [...... read more ]

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Taldykurgan. Day 2.

2017-03-23 | Askar Isabekov

Second day almost duplicated the first one. In morning we visited ponds, then went to Karatal. The morning ground is frozen, we easy go by all of roads and trails. In the ponds we watched the same list of birds but I saw the Water Rail in additional. Also I shortly noticed the Rail-sized bird with rounded wings looked like little Bittern in colour, I have no any guess appropriated for season and locations. Probably if we had more time for observation of ponds we can to take photo of Rail (we tried but unsuccessfully) and can to watch the daily start of migration. But we didn't have much of free time and we went to Karatal but to the spot located higher than yesterday one. Here was very nice, weather was very sunny and some windy. We again watched Black Stork, Great White Egrets. Eversmann's and Guldenstadt's Redstarts. Also we watched the migration of Eagles and Kites. I was feeling sure that I can just stay in one point and watch a lot of birds which be appeared from all of sides. [...... read more ]

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Kyzylkum, 3-rd day.

2017-03-22 | Gennadiy Dyakin

Озеро Шошкаколь. Утром фоновые звуки - гогот гусей. И никаких выстрелов! В предыдущие годы просыпались здесь под ружейную канонаду, но в этом году в Казахстане весеннюю охоту запретили. Позже одинокие выстрелы слышали, но совсем уж редкие. Гусей видели по несколько стай серых и белолобых. А уток насчитали 14 видов. Довольно много лебедей, все только шипуны. Цапли большая белая, серая и рыжая. Малой к сожалению не видели. Пара зимородков. Из тростника вылетела выпь. До этого ее видел единственный раз в Кургальджино. Трясогузок белых и маскированных [...... read more ]

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Taldykurgan, Migration of birds of prey.

2017-03-22 | Askar Isabekov

We started about 6.30 am. Road was very good, we didn't make stopping, from the car window we saw Larks in Chengeldy, Starlings near Saryozek, and Long-legged Buzzards and Kestrels almost everywhere. In Taldykurgan we have a lunch and immediately went to ponds. Only ponds near the pipe are free from ice, the rest ones are ice-covered. More likely most of water in vicinity is ice covered because in open water there are a lot of different ducks. Alexander said we will looking for Baikal Teal and Falcated Duck, and I in all seriousness tried to find them both in ponds and further in photos. Of course I didn.t find them but I had faith, that means I will find them sooner or later. Ducks we watched: Garganeys, Gadwalls, Common Teals, Shovellers, Mallards, Pintails, Wigeons, Common Pochards, Red-crested Pochards, Tafted Ducks, Ferruginous Ducks, Ruddy Shellducks, all ducks are very beauty in breeding plumage. Ducks of course flushed but after some circles landed to water. I took photos mostly [...... read more ]

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Kyzylkum, day 2-nd

2017-03-21 | Gennadiy Dyakin

Утром порадовала саксаульная сойка – подлетела к лагерю посмотреть что за странные существа расположились в ее владениях. А вот погодой были разочарованы. Стало еще более пасмурно. Решили подождать, может распогодится. Но солнце поднялось уже высоко (хотя с трудом просматривалось сквозь плотную дымку), а все еще было темно. Улучшить вчерашние снимки при ISO 3200 надежды не было. Тем не менее пошел прогуляться по окрестностям. Соек больше так и не увидел. И скотоцерок было не слышно, хотя вечером они были очень активны. Потеряв надежду на улучшение [...... read more ]

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First Shrikes, first Chiffchaff.

2017-03-21 | Askar Isabekov

Urban birding with Alexander Belyaev. As Alexander come from Taldykurgan especially for White-browed Tit-Warbler we started in Dendropark. Because Alexander has experience in birdwatching, he found Tit-Warbler himself not paying attention to a lot of people in park. In addition to Tit-Warblers we saw numerous Eversmann's Redstarts, Mallard, Goldcrests and other common birds too. One flying in eastern direction Steppe Eagle was surprise for us. List of birds in Dendropark.After noon we went to Sairan. We didn't find Blue Whistling Thrush again but watched the first in this spring Chiffchaff and two Shrikes – one Isabelline and one Turkestan Shrikes. Of course we saw many Masked Wagtails and Eversmann's Redstarts. List of birds in Sairan.Summary: in the higher part of the city we watched only birds of wintering species + wandering to mountain Eversmann's Redstart. But in lower part of city we saw mostly spring migrants. Snow in higher part, but almost green in lower one. However, the lower [...... read more ]

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rare birds records

Desert Lark (Ammomanes deserti)

© Mark Pestov
Mangistau province, Karakiyanskiy District, Kaplankyr Chink

First record on the territory of Kazakhstan.

Whiskered Tern (Chlidonias hybrida)

© Qanatbek Kenzhegulov

The first winter record of Whiskered Tern in Kazakhstan.

Marsh Sandpiper (Tringa stagnatilis)

© Qanatbek Kenzhegulov

The first winter record of the Marsh Sandpiper in Kazakhstan.

Solitary Snipe (Gallinago solitaria)

© Qanatbek Kenzhegulov

A rare wintering species in the western part of Kazakhstan. In the Mangistau region, it has been recorded three times before. At the Tushchibek spring A.P. Moiseev caught a female on February 6, 1967 (Karpov, Kovshar, 2011), one bird was encountered on a stream near the Khangababa mosque on November 13, 2007 (Belyalov, 2008), at the non-freezing stream in the Tamshaly tract - one bird on February 2, 2014 (Belyalov, 2014).

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unidentified birds


Анна Ясько: Возможно, хохотунья. Птица трехлетняя, почти как взрослая, но есть черные помарки на маховых и кроющих крыла, а также на рулевых. Белые зеркальца [....]


Андрей Коваленко: С такого ракурса вряд ли возможно что-то утверждать на 100%.


Канатбек Кенжегулов: Если выбирать между ними - то это скорее всего барабинская, так как не был так темнее как халей.


Андрей Коваленко: Канюкоид... Таких восточного канюка от мохноногого курганника фиг отличишь не вживую...

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