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Актау. Набережная. Первые морозы.

2016-11-23 | Anna Yasko

Уже три дня держатся морозы, -17°С ночью, от -11 до -6°С днём. Для нашего региона для ноября это не типичная температура. Сегодня слабый ветер 4-5 м/с. Решила проведать пастушков на набережной. По дороге задержалась возле здания ЗАГСа: из зарослей можжевельника стелющегося вспорхнули на дерево три чернозобых дрозда. До этого чернозобые мне встречались только поодиночке. Помимо них в опавшей листве деловито копошился черный дрозд. Пролетала пустельга, держа в когтях добычу.Когда я достигла цели, лишь только вступив на обследуемую территорию, надо мной [...... read more ]

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Морской бердвочинг (Германия)

2016-11-21 | Ruslan Urazaliyev

Вторую осень подряд, по уважительной причине, провожу в г. Мюнстер (С-З Германия). По выходным дням, когда погодные условия располагают к велосипедным и пешим прогулкам, предпринимаю попытки вылазок в «птичьи» места для бердвочинга. Все эти три места мне показал Йоханнес Камп: Ботанический Сад (центр города), национальный парк «Ризельфельде» (водно-болотные угодья; отстойники на С-В города) и природоохранная территория NABU (в основном лесные участки; на юге города). Самым интересным местом в видо-количественном плане являются отстойники. О нем стоит [...... read more ]

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Кто говорил сорока не хищная птица.

2016-11-21 | Malik Nukusbekov

[...... read more ]

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Urban Birding. Owl and Falcon

2016-11-19 | Askar Isabekov

Today at morning the temperature was -35C, but at lunch time (12.20 am) it was -27C, and I went to birding. Birding in frost can’t be very long and I planned to look for Peregrine Falcon on Republic Square during about one hour. I selected this spot for two reasons. Firstly, last time I twice noticed flying Peregrine in vicinity of Square; secondly, here is open area and the flying bird is visible from a far. But down the road to Square I visited Park Zhambyla. Birds in park were a bit, even near bird feeder. Near the exit from park I noticed the flock of Bullfinches on ash-tree. I took some photo of birds and decided to make one more circle in Park. It was the right decision because I found Ural Owl! The snow covered Owl perched on the branch of fir-tree. I didn’t disturb it, took 2-3 photos and go on. I was very happy and didn’t hide camera to bag but went with it in hands. It was the right decision because near Republic Square I noticed the flying Peregrine Falcon. I noticed Falcon, [...... read more ]

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2016-11-17 | Vladimir Kazenas

17 ноября, находясь в здании Госпиталя МВД (ул. Ходжанова, 17) близ Академгородка, в коридоре на 3-м этаже наблюдал из окна на противоположной стене здания в течение 5 минут стенолаза, который передвигался вдоль стыков железобетонных плит, отыскивая пищу. Возможно, эта информация может заинтересовать специалистов. [...... read more ]

Новая опция на сайте.

2016-11-16 | Askar Isabekov

Уважаемые пользователи сайта. Добавления новая опция - теперь с любой из страниц вида ( информация , галерея , видео ) можно легко перейти на страницу этого же вида на дружественных сайтах. [...... read more ]

Ust-Kamenogorsk. Flooded forest.

2016-11-13 | Askar Isabekov

Perfect sunny and frosty (-7C) day. Trip to the snowy city beach and to the dispensary vicinity. There are a bit of birds against expectations. The most interesting spot was the poplar alley near city beach. Here we saw two Grey-headed Woodpeckers, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Treecreeper, Nuthatches, Tits. Grey-headed Woodpecker regularly made sounds, responded to our records; most of time both Grey-headed Woodpeckers were staying in the high braches of poplars. But once one of them decreased and I could to take photos which I further looked at home. This Woodpecker didn’t knock the tree like other Woodpeckers but cuddled the trunk and poked the bill into the bark slots. On the photo I noticed that Woodpecker poked the language into slots, and cuddled the trunk because it is more convenient to poke language.In Ulba riverside we were feeding Nuthatches by sunflower seeds out of hands. Very nice feeling! As Nataly Kim told the feeding Nuthatches out of hands is the best of antidepressants. [...... read more ]

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Snowfall in Ust-Kamenogorsk.

2016-11-12 | Askar Isabekov

Today is the fourth day of the snowfall. In some places snow is already knee-high. I can’t wait the end of snowfall, tomorrow forecast is clear and then again four day snowfall and temperature decrease until – 20 degrees at day-time. I think it will until the spring.I went to birding at 11 am, it was snowing but not as dense as at morning. Firstly I visited Park Zhambyl to take photos of heros of the occasion, because today is Tits Day. But the first birds I saw were not Tits but Waxwings; the flock of latter perched to the tree over my head but I couldn’t shoot them because they flew away. I walked in the Park about one hour; it’s a good time taking into account the ongoing snowfall. During this time I saw Great Tits, both species of Crows, Magpies, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Nuthatch, 2 Black-throated Thrushes and 1 Sparrowhawk. Then I moved to Park Kirova, where saw nothing. Not so bad birding for the snowfall day but I wanted to watch any more and went to the Left-riverside Park. [...... read more ]

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Gerasimovka. Eastern Kazakhstan.

2016-11-08 | Askar Isabekov

Short story. Trip to Gerasimovka. There are not so much birds as at last visit. I think because firstly the sunflower field was mowed and secondly snow. Most of the time it had been snowing probably stopping only at half an hour, when birds appeared. The most of birds was finches (Greenfinch, Long-tailed Rosefinches, Hawfinch, Goldfinch) + Yellowhammers + Thrushes (Fieldfares, Black-throated Thrushes, Redwings). I heard the voice of the Grey-headed Woodpecker, and saw Great Grey Shrike.Significant records: two Wood Pigeons, Common Kestrel over the field, 4 Common Starlings feeding on silverberry tree together with Filedfares. [...... read more ]

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Urban Birding. Bluetails in Ust-Kamenogorsk.

2016-11-05 | Askar Isabekov

Weather is cold (-10 morning, -6 day) but sunny and almost windless. At 8.30 am I visited Park Zhambyla, nothing found, and went to Komsomolsky island where I was about 3 and half very alive hours. I expected to watch the little passerines and my expectations were met. Today main spot is the little pine grove on the Irtysh river’s bank. Here are wintering birds dominated: three species of Tits, Nuthuch, Goldcrest, all this birds were very active. Near pines I saw female Chaffinch, male Baikal Bullfinch, and the flock of Black-throated Thrushes + 1 Fieldfare feeding on aplle-tree. All this birds will stay here next months therefore I tried to find birds of any other species. When I closed to pines I see little orange bird perched to the branch only to one moment and fly to the river direction. I guessed the Red-flanked Bluetail because I expected to see it in migration path from Siberia, but I saw not sure. About half-hour I explored pine-grove and vicinity until found Bluetails. I saw [...... read more ]

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rare birds records

White-winged Tern (Chlidonias leucopterus)

© Fedor Karpov

Fisrt winter record of White-winged Tern in Kazakhstan.

Arctic Skua (Stercorarius parasiticus)

© Ivan Bevza

First record of Arctic Skua in South-Eastern Kazakhstan. Generally rare bird in inner part of continent. In Kazakhstan was recorded mostly in large lakes (in Caspian Sea near Atyrau and Mangyshlak, in Tengiz, in Aral Sea, in Telikol lakes, in road to Arnasai lake, in Chelkar lake), and also in Naurzum reserve and Chokpak ringing station.

Red-breasted Goose (Branta ruficollis)

© Ivan Bevza

Two Red-brested Geese were recorded in flock of Ruddy Shelducks in Kapchagai reservoir. First record for Kapchagai, thirds one for South-Eastern Kazakhstan.

Long-tailed Tit (Aegithalos caudatus)

© Marina Gudimova
Mangictauskaya oblast', g. Aktau

Second record of Long-tailed Tit in Mangyshlak peninsula. The first one was almost exactly 3 years ago at November 05, 2016 (A.Yasko, www.birds.kz).

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Big Year 2019

1. Isabekov Askar (318)
2. Dyakin Gennadiy (225)
3. Muravskiy Vladimir (222)
4. Sukhov Ilya (201)
5. Belyaev Alexandr (200)
6. Malkov Yuriy (184)
7. Gudimova Marina (167)
8. Katuncev Alexandr (164)
9. Kovalenko Andrey (153)
10. Nukusbekov Malik (152)

unidentified birds


Алдияр Сапарбаев: Спасибо, Анна. Понятно. Тогда наверно лучше удалить эту серию, если не представляется возможным четко определить.


Андрей Баздырев: Полевой без сомнения - практически нет пестрин, мощная светлая бровь.


Анна Ясько: Похожа на пеночку, но без желтоватого в оперении. Наверное, это северная бормотушка.


Анна Ясько: Крупные кулики - турухтаны. Мелкие - вроде кулики-воробьи. И несколько чернозобиков, с более длинными, чем у воробья, клювами.

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