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Kushum Lakes (Zhangala v.; IBA KZ004)

2022-06-04| Aldiyar Saparbayev

So, there was a desire to write a diary entry. First, for my hearths.
I decided on the weekend to go somewhere far away and where I had not been. Fortunately, the territory of our region, and the country as a whole, allow us to do this. The departure was decided to be made on Saturday, June 4, 2022. The weather forecast predicts quite hot and sunny weather. So it was. Destination long thinking, I decided to choose from. Zhangala (Zhanakala), which is a designated area of ​​the WKO. Located at a distance of about 265 km. from the city of Uralsk. The Zhangalinsky district is the most beautiful and picturesque region, where you can find a wide variety of flora and fauna species. The village of Zhangala borders on the Zhaltyrkol State Reserve located on the territory, as well as on the Kushum Lakes Key Bird Area (IBA KZ004). It was as a birdwatcher that I decided to visit this place for the second time. Previously, there were meetings of interesting and at the same time rare species of birds, such as Savka, Curly Pelican, Spoonbill. It felt like potentially this place is huge. There was a task - at least to meet the same birds, and add a couple more lifers to the copy. The village itself is surrounded by numerous lakes. The largest of them are Zhaltyrkol and Sorkol. I stopped at Lake Oryskopa, Sorkol and Zhaltyrkol.
Departure results: the task was not completed completely. Unfortunately, they could not be found, perhaps they are in the nests. But it was not without lifers, to our joy. I met a stone sparrow, the first meeting in WKO on birds.kz. Also from the lifers can be noted: barnacle tern, thrush warbler. And the paths along the meeting were the pink starling and the gray goose. Total 5 lifers - the day was a success!

1. Sheteken (sherteken) lake

2. Red-crested Pochard

3. Caspian Gull

4. Barn Swallow

5. Common Tern

6. Western Marsh-Harrier

7. Common Shelduck

8. Black-winged Stilt

9. Dalmatian Pelican

10. Earth-boring dung beetle

11. Calandra Lark

12. Mute Swan

13. Little Tern

14. Northern House Martin

15. Great Crested Grebe

16. Whiskered Tern

17. Little Ringed Plover

18. Rosy Starling

19. Eurasian Spoonbill

20. Great Cormorant

21. Garganey

22. Rock Sparrow

2022-06-07. Айбар Магазов:

Здорово. Поздравляю с лайферами!

2022-06-07. Алдияр Сапарбаев:

Рахмет, Айбар!

2022-06-07. Виктория Звягинцева:

С лайферами, Алдияр!

2022-06-07. Алдияр Сапарбаев:

Спасибо, Виктория!

2022-06-07. Анна Ясько:

Новые, неизведанные территории - это всегда волнительно, ждешь чего-то необычного. Рада, что Ваша поездка увенчалась лайферами и приятными неожиданностями.

2022-06-07. Алдияр Сапарбаев:

Анна, спасибо!

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rare birds records

White-winged Tern (Chlidonias leucopterus)

© Vladimir Vorobyov
VKO Katon-Karagay

A new species for the Katon-Karagai National Park. A flock of 12 birds was recorded on May 20, 2022 in the floodplain of the middle reaches of the Bukhtarma in the Taylakova Yama tract, one bird on May 27, 2022 in the valley of the middle reaches of the Kara-Kaba on Lake Shoptykol, on June 3, 2022 in the Karazher tract, June 6 on the lake Yazevoe. Воробьёв В.М. 2022. Встреча белокрылой крачки Chlidonias leucopterus в среднем течении реки Бухтармы на Южном Алтае // Рус. орнитол. журн. 31 (2191): 2376-2379.

Great Snipe (Gallinago media)

© Martin Grienenberger
Betpak Dala

The first record of the Great Snipe in Kazakhstan, after more than 30 years, confirmed by photography. The last record of this species dates back to 1987, when on May 7 a migrating Great Snipe was caught in the Tentek delta (Khrokov et al. 1993).

Ural Owl (Strix uralensis)

© Yuriy Malkov

The first nesting record in the Kostanay region. It is known that the Ural Owl breeds in the South-Western Altai and Kalba, there is also evidence of nesting in the North Kazakhstan region (Zuban, Kalashnikov 2017) and in the East Kazakhstan region in forests north of Semey (Karpov, Levin 2005). In the Kostanay region, this species was occasionally found only during wintering (A.Yu. Timoshenko, G.Yu. Timoshenko 2021, Yu. Malkov, birds.kz).

Trumpeter Finch (Bucanetes githagineus)

© Fedor Shakula
The second record of the species on the territory of Kazakhstan. Observed by a group of 6 ornithologists on the eastern coast of the Aral Sea on May 11-12, 2022 and on the northern coast on May 12-13, 2022, where, according to S. Baskakova, it was especially numerous - several males singing at the same time on clayey chinks. For the first time this species was recorded on May 9, 2018 in Mangistau in the Karagie depression near the Ashibulak spring (see the site gallery).

The northernmost record of the Trumpeter Finch on the territory of Kazakhstan. A few more southern records are known: on the territory of Mangystau, on artesians near the village of Kanshengel, both in nesting and non-nesting time. According to unpublished data, one birds was observed on May 13, 2021 on artesians in western Betpakdala by Svetlana Baskakova and Nicolas Moulin. Also recently, in the Turkestan region in the Karaktau mountains in the eastern part of the Kyzylkum desert, on May 9-10, 2021, two pairs of the Trumpeter Finch and an unfinished nest, subsequently abandoned, were found (Fedorenko, 2022).

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Игорь Фефелов: А на первом снимке и основания рулевых рыжие видно.


Игорь Фефелов: На втором снимке летит чирок-трескунок самец. На первом фото справа - тоже трескунок, самка, а слева непонятно. Так или иначе, серию можно пометить [....]


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