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Steppe Buzzard

Buteo buteo vulpinus (Gloger, 1833)

Малый канюк | Жамансары

Kanonerka, Beskaragay region, East-Kazakhstan oblast
© Askar Isabekov


Subspecies represents the three colour morphs: brownish with rusty-red above and with streaked underparts (dominant morph); brownish with buffy on belly; and plain brownish. Subspecies is describe by the greatly development of the rusty-red in plumage colour, including the tail feathers. Male wing length 343-370 (353), female 358-383 (370) mm.


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relative taxons

Buteo buteo
(Linnaeus, 1758)
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Buteo buteo refectus
(Portenko, 1935)
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Buteo buteo pseudorufinus
(Fedorenko, 2014)
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Buteo (buteo x rufinus)
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other names

Малый сарыч, рыжий сарыч, степной канюк.

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