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Upland Buzzard

Buteo hemilasius (Temminck et Schlegel, 1844)

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Urdjar, East Kazakhstan oblast
© Askar Isabekov


Former winter visitor only. The first breeding of Upland Buzzard was recorded in 1990, though it was proposed as breeding bird for Tarbagatay and Dzhungarskiy Alatau ridges. Now breeds in foothills of Southern Altai, in Monrak, at Zaysan depression, on Tarbagatay, in Saur and eastern part of Dzhungarskiy Alatau. In recent decades its numbers increased and the breeding range extended to south. Breeding hybrids (with Buteo rufinus) recorded on Sogety valley in 2001. In 2003 breeding female recorded on Ustyurt. On migration and in winter occurs in Southern Altai, in Ile valley, on plains adjacent to Tien Shan.


Rare, in places common resident. Inhabits the upland steppes and wide mountain valleys with rocks and cliffs. The data of biology of Upland Buzzard is very fragmentary. The spring movement is in end of February to March. Nest is built on rocks from the dry twigs; nest cup is lined with old grass, hair, rags, etc; and often used for some years. Clutches of 2-4 eggs is in end of April - early May. Both parents feed juveniles, which begin to fly in end of July - early August. When Upland Buzzard began to extend the breeding range to west (in Kazakhstan from 1991) it throughly hybridised with Long-legged Buzzard, and now such hybrids are not rare on breeding and migration. In autumn first birds in areas adjacent to breeding range appeared in the end of August.


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Центральноазиатский канюк

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Анна Ясько: Здесь, видимо, есть сомнения из-за темных помарок на спине и по бокам шеи между маской и плечом у самца. Поэтому возникает вопрос, гибрид или


Павел Пархаев: Я тогда создам дубль серии из молодых и положу "на определение". Аскар, пожалуйста, удали молодежь из этой серии


Нурлан Онгарбаев: Не стали пугать птицу. Ноги не увидели.

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