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Northern Goshawk

Accipiter gentilis buteoides (Menzbier, 1882)

Ястреб-тетеревятник | Қаршыға

Middle current of Ile river.
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Upper parts are light grey with strong bluish tinge, head is light, supercilium is white and broad; forehead usually is white, cross pattern on under parts formed by narrow pale-grey bars. About 10% of population of eastern part od range of this race composed by birds of light morph, colouring of which varies from pure white to white with pale, strongly reduced pattern. In populations of this race there are some birds which commonly are intermediate between grey and white morphs. Male wing length 308-342 (321), female 340-380 (361) mm.


In Kazakhstan occurs on migration and in wintering.


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Accipiter gentilis
(Linnaeus, 1758)
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Accipiter gentilis schvedowi
(Menzbier, 1882)
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