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Mistle Thrush

Turdus viscivorus viscivorus (Linnaeus 1758)

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Aktau. Botanical Garden. Mangystau.
© Askar Isabekov


The upperparts are darker, more brown less grayish; the spots on the underparts are slightly larger and more numerous than on bonapartei.


The indication about its breeding in the middle of Ural river valley "between Orenburg and Uralsk" (N.A.Zarudny, 1897) is not confirmed by the facts and researches of recent years. In Kazakhstan it occurs on migration apparently from Volga-Ural area and Mangyshlak; eastward to Mugodzhary ridge and area North Trans-Aral area.


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relative taxons

Turdus viscivorus
(Linnaeus, 1758)
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Turdus viscivorus bonapartei
(Cabanis, 1860)
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Turdus viscivorus major
(Brehm, 1831)
Turdus viscivorus hispaniae
(Jordans, 1950)
Turdus viscivorus precentor
(Clancey, 1950)
Turdus viscivorus bithinicus
(Keve, 1943)
Turdus viscivorus neglectus
(Burg, 1921)
Turdus viscivorus transcaspicus
(Zarudny, 1918)
Turdus viscivorus balticus
(Zarudny, 1918)
Turdus viscivorus uralensis
(Zarudny, 1918)
Turdus viscivorus jubilaeus
(Lucanus et Zedlitz, 1917)
Turdus viscivorus loudoni
(Zarudny, 1912)
Turdus viscivorus arboreus
(Kleinschmidt, 1903)
Turdus viscivorus tauricus
(Portenko, 1954)

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