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Black-throated Accentor

Prunella atrogularis atrogularis (Brandt, 1844)

Черногорлая завирушка | Қаратамақ содырғы

Betpackdala, N-W Zuantube village
© Andrey Vilyayev


Upperparts are paler, the dark mantle streaks are less neat and paler; the bill is shorter and thinner than on huttoni. The black throat and buffy breast are divided by the white. The 1st primary is always shorter than the greater primary coverts; the 2nd primary is longer or equal than the 6th one.


Occurs in Kazakhstan on migration and wintering on Ural valley at Orenburg and Burannaya station; and also in Central Kyzylkum. Probably this subspecies recorded in Kurgaldzhino Reserve, Karaganda and Northern Kyzylkum. On Ile valley close to Charyn inflowing the one bird was caught on December 5 2004, together with one huttoni. Details of distribution are poorly known.


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relative taxons

Prunella atrogularis
(Brandt, 1844)
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Prunella atrogularis menzbieri
(Portenko, 1929)
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Prunella atrogularis huttoni
(Horsfield et Moore, 1854)
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1. Askar Isabekov (79)
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5. Malik Nukusbekov (51)

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Айнур Искакова: Здравствуйте, подскажите, заранее спасибо!


Анна Ясько: На 3 и 4 снимках, самец обыкновенной овсянки (возможно, с некоторой примесью генов белошапочной, судя по коричневым помаркам ближе к горлу).


Борис Губин: Думаю, что это сарыч (B.B.vulpinus),самка которого снова загнездилась в паре с курганником на том же месте, что подряд два года назад. Сейчас она

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