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Hen Harrier

Circus cyaneus (Linnaeus, 1766)

Полевой лунь | Түз құладыны

Western Kazakhstan. Syrym region. Olenty river.
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Nests in mountains of south-west Altai, in Malaya Ulba valley, and also in Dzhungarskiy Alatau near Topolevka village. Probably breeds in forest-steppe zone of Northern Kazakhstan. On migration occurs widespread. Wintering in southern and south-eastern Kazakhstan.


Rare breeding migrant, but not uncommon on migration. Inhabits the tall grass meadows amongst forests. Appears in end of February to March, latest migrating birds observed in mid-May. Nest is built on ground from the dry thin twigs and grass. Laying of 2-5, more often 4-5 eggs is in end May - June. Females begin incubating from the first egg laying for about 30 days; males feed them. Juveniles fledge at 35-40 days old in mid-July - August. Autumn migration begins in August. On Markakol lake they disappear to the end of September, in southern areas they appear in September; peak of migration is in October.


Circus cyaneus cyaneus (Linnaeus, 1766)


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Circus cyaneus cyaneus
(Linnaeus, 1766)

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Александр Катунцев: Есть еще кадры.


Малик Нукусбеков: здесь определит очень сложно, и не могу сказать 100% восточный..... скрой всего гибрид....


Александр Катунцев:Также встречаются птицы темного окраса с черновато-бурым цветом оперения, маховыми перьями светлыми внизу и с тёмной каемкой,

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