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Black-eared Kite

Milvus migrans lineatus (J.E.Gray, 1831)

Черноухий коршун | Қара кезқұйрық

Pavlodar obl., Malye Bereznyaki
© Oleg Lyakhov


Head is darker and less contrast with mantle; crown is less neat streaked; belly, flanks, long leg-feathers and under tail coverts are mainly brownish. Base of inner webs of primaries have well developed white, sometimes brownish barred. The outer web of P6 is sharp narrowed. Male wing 465-495 (478), female 470-520 (491) mm.


Nests in Western, Northern Kazakhstan, in Altai, Kalbinskiy Altai, in Zaysan depression, Tarbagatay ridge and in Tien Shan. Widespread on migration, including highlands (Bolshoye Almatinskoye lake).


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Milvus migrans
(Boddaert, 1783)
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Milvus migrans migrans
(Boddaert, 1783)
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