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Godlewski's Bunting

Emberiza godlewskii (Taczanowski, 1874)

Овсянка Годлевского | Годлевский сұлыкеші

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Godlewski Bunting rarely occurs on wintering in the mountains of Eastern and South-Eastern Kazakhstan. Probably breeds on Central Tien Shan. Please see detailed distribution in Kazakhstan in the section Subspecies.


The Godlewski's Bunting is rare winter visitor and probably very rare resident in Kazakhstan. No data about this species from Kazakhstan.


Emberiza godlewskii godlewskii (Taczanowski, 1874)

    Description. General color is darker than in decolorata.
    Distribution. Occasionally winters in South-West Altai, where 6 birds observed 14 September 2002 near Berel village; and close to Ridder where three males from a flock of 6-7 birds were caught 15 March 1998.

Emberiza godlewskii decolorata (Sushkin, 1925)

    Description. General colour is lighter than in godlewskii.
    Distribution. In Ketmen ridge one bird shot on 6 December 1953. Nests in basin of Sarydzhaz in Kyrgyzstan. Vagrant recorded in vicinities of Tashkent in October – November 1913. In Kazakhstan occurs in Central Tien Shan and its northern foothills. Near Almaty one bird was caught 17 January 2005. At Bolshoye Almatinskoye lake on 3000 m attitude four birds (probably brood) observed 5 July 2005.


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Emberiza godlewskii godlewskii
(Taczanowski, 1874)
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Emberiza godlewskii decolorata
(Sushkin, 1925)
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