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Common Whitethroat

Sylvia communis communis (Latham, 1787)

Серая славка | Сұр сандуғаш

Uralsk-Atyrau road.
© Askar Isabekov


Upper parts are more rusty-brownish less brown-grey than on rubicola. Crown color varies from rusty-grey to grey, majority of birds have brown-grey crown.


Breeds in the northern half of Kazakhstan, in south to Ural delta; lower current of Turgay river; Chu valley; and lower current of Ile river; eastward to western foothills of Altai. In south it occurs on migration.


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relative taxons

Sylvia communis
(Latham, 1787)
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Sylvia communis rubicola
(Stresemann, 1928)
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Sylvia communis cinerea
(Bechstein, 1803)
Sylvia communis cineraria
(Bechstein, 1807)
Sylvia communis cineracea
(Brehm, 1831)
Sylvia communis volgensis
(Domaniewski, 1915)
Sylvia communis hoyeri
(Dunajewski, 1938)
Sylvia communis jordansi
(Clancey, 1950)

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