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Eastern Orphean Warbler

Sylvia hortensis (J.F.Gmelin, 1789)

Певчая славка | Сайрағыш сандуғаш

Beriktas village, Almaty region
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Breed in Western Tien Shan (Karzhantau, Ugam and Pskem ridges, Talasskiy Alatau) and in Karatau. Recent years the breeding range expanded to east, broods were recorded near Akterek and in Boguty mountains (July 2002), in Chulak mountains, in spurs of Dzhungar Alatau, and northern foothills of Tarbagatay. On migration rarely occurs near Kanshengel (12 May 2002) and at Chokpak Pass (12 May 1972 and 14-16 May 1968).


Common breeding migrant. Inhabits the bushes on gentle slopes, the deciduous and juniper light forests with bushes, and the hedges of mountain villages, at altitudes 1000-2200 m. On migration very rare occurs in foothills. Appears in end of April – early May; latest migrants observed in mid-May. Breeds in separate pairs at distance 50-70 m one from another. Nest is located in bush (juniper, honeysuckle, meadow-sweet, almond-tree, dog-rose) at height 0.3-3.5 m above the ground; for 4-5 days nest is built by both partners from bast-strips, grass stems and is lined with thin honeysuckle bast-strips. Clutch of 3-5 eggs is laid in mid-May to early July. Both parents incubate clutch for 11-12 days, and feed offspring which fledges at age 11 days old, in end of June - July. Autumn migration begins in early August, latest birds recorded in early-mid September.


Sylvia hortensis crassirostris (Cretzschmar, 1829)


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Sylvia hortensis crassirostris
(Cretzschmar, 1829)

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1. Askar Isabekov (306)
2. Alexandr Belyaev (261)
3. Boris Gubin (200)
4. Anna Yasko (197)
5. Gennadiy Dyakin (195)

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Ясько Анна: На одной голове не стоит зацикливаться. Остальной окрас (спины, крыльев) не вполне соответствует даже молодому ремезу. Еще не совсем понятно,


Сергей Л. Волков: Наверное, все-таки красношейная поганочка. Странновато выглядит, но ведь другому-то больше некому быть.


Алексей Кошкин: Да, белошапочная абберативная больше подходит.

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