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Eurasian Dipper

Cinclus cinclus baicalensis (Dresser, 1892)

Обыкновенная оляпка | Кәдімгі сушылқара
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Irtysh river, Ust-Kamenogorsk
© Askar Isabekov


It is present the fact of the different plumage color morphs, it is possible to separate the following types of coloring:
1. Taxonomically identical with leucogaster.
2. Leucogaster type, but the white color of the underparts is darkened by an different rate of the brown or rusty-brownish tones. The rate of increase the rusty-brownish color on the underparts directly correlates to the rate of increase the rusty-brownish tones and decrease of slate tones (distinctive to leucogaster) on the back and rump.
3. Caucasicus type (the throat and breast are white, fore and middle parts of abdomen are greyish-brown) but differs by more considerable distribution of greyish-brown color on upperparts (the brown color is extended on the fore and middle parts of a back; rump is not slate-brownish as on caucasicus, but slate-brown) and decrease of brown tones on underparts.
4. As type 3 but more or less considerable darkness of the throat and breast by brownish tones. In extreme expression of this character the throat and the breast are almost dark as well as abdomen, differing only by slightly lighter color.


Breeds in Saur and south-western Altai. In Tarbagatay it intergrades with leucogaster. In summer recorded in Monrak ridge along Kyzyl-Gain river. In winter recorded along Irtysh river up to Semipalatinsk.


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relative taxons

Cinclus cinclus
(Linnaeus, 1758)
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Cinclus cinclus leucogaster
(Bonaparte, 1850)
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Cinclus cinclus saturatus
(Dresser, 1895)
Cinclus cinclus bilkevitchi
(Zarudny, 1902)
Cinclus cinclus kiborti
(Madarasz, 1903)
Cinclus cinclus bianchi
(Sushkin, 1904)
Cinclus cinclus middendorffi
(Sushkin, 1904)
Cinclus cinclus diedermanni
(Reichenov, 1909)

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Аскар Исабеков: восточный канюк


Аскар Исабеков: Да, конечно, Сергей, я понимаю. Спасибо за помощь. Признак клюва хороший, но ведь есть и другие - окраска кроющих крыла, например, или длина птицы,


Сергей Л. Волков: Судя по невысокому в основании клюву птица больше похожа на кулика-воробья. По ссылке на песочника-красношейку видно, что у птицы высокий

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