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Yellow Wagtail

Motacilla flava beema (Sykes, 1832)

Желтая трясогузка | Сары шақшақай

Pavlodar obl., Zhanaaul
© Oleg Lyakhov


The crown and ear coverts are pale-grey, paler than on flava; sometimes crown is even whitish, ear coverts are often white streaked; the white supercilium is well-defined; the chin is invariably white. The pale eye-ring is always expressed.


Breeds in northern part of Kazakhstan from Ural valley eastward to Semipalatinsk. In southern areas occurs on migration. On Cokpak Pass migrates 1 April – 18 May and 28 August –1 October; on Sorbulak lake 3 April – 25 May and 17 August– 20 September.


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relative taxons

Motacilla flava
(Linnaeus, 1758)
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Motacilla flava thunbergi
(Billberg, 1828)
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Motacilla flava flava
(Linnaeus, 1758)
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Motacilla flava zaissanensis
(Polyakov, 1911)
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Motacilla flava leucocephala
(Przevalski, 1887)
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