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Lesser White-fronted Goose

Anser erythropus (Linnaeus, 1758)

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North Kazakhstan area, Tayynshinsky area, lake Tayyncha
© Ivan Zuban


The Lesser White-fronted Goose occurs on migration in plains of Kazakhstan from Volga-Ural interfluves eastward to Semipalatinsk, Karaganda and Turkestan. In March 9th three birds recorded on Kopa river.


The Lesser White-fronted Goose is fairly common passage migrant; observed mostly in western and north-western Kazakhstan. Occurs on green-grass areas or on cereal fields (feeding), and on lakes (resting). Spring migration lasts from mid-April to early May; the autumn migrating is from mid – end of September to end of October. Not wintering in Kazakhstan. Prefer the mixed flocks with White-fronted Geese; the separate flocks of 20-50 birds are rare. Ringing of Lesser White-fronted Geese has proved that birds from Finland have been found in Kustanay region, but from Yamal Peninsula in Aktobe, Kustanay and Akmola regions.


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