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Eurasian Eagle-Owl

Bubo bubo turcomanus (Eversmann, 1835)

Обыкновенный филин | Үкі

Mangistau oblast, Buzachi peninsula
© Andrey Vilyayev


Background colour is pale, yellowish-buff. Dark pattern on upper- and underparts is paler, less espressed and more shattered than in interpositus. Dark longitudinal pattern on underparts is not covered to belly. Male wing length 420-468, female 470-492 mm.


Breeds from southern part of Volga-Ural area eastward to Zaysan lake and headwaters of Irtysh river, in south up to Ustyurt, lower reaches of Syrdarya and Northern Trans-Balkhash area.


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relative taxons

Bubo bubo
(Linnaeus, 1758)
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Bubo bubo ruthenus
(Zhitlov et Buturlin, 1906)
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Bubo bubo sibiricus
(Gloger, 1833)
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Bubo bubo yenisseensis
(Buturlin, 1911)
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Bubo bubo omissus
(Dementiev, 1933)
Bubo bubo hemachalanus
(Hume, 1873)
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