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Common Starling

Sturnus vulgaris vulgaris (Linnaeus, 1758)

Обыкновенный скворец | Қараторғай

Pogodaevo village. Western Kazakhstan.
© Askar Isabekov


The crown is violet glossy a weak greenish tinged; the back, rump and upper tail coverts are green glossy sometimes a weak violet tinged; the throat and upper breast are violet glossy; the lower breast is green glossy; the abdomen is green glossy with a bright or dark violet tinge; ear coverts show a greenish glossy; underwing coverts are grey with narrow whitish or ochre edges. It is close to poltaratskyi.


Breeds in Volga-Ural region and in Ural valley, in south to Emba valley, northern part of Ustyurt and in east to Mugodzhary ridge. The distribution on migration isn't determined.


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relative taxons

Sturnus vulgaris
(Linnaeus, 1758)
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Sturnus vulgaris poltaratskyi
(Finsch, 1878)
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Sturnus vulgaris porphyronotus
(Sharpe, 1888)
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Sturnus vulgaris ruthenus
(Menzbier, 1892)
Sturnus vulgaris sophiae
(Bianchi, 1896)
Sturnus vulgaris jitkowi
(Buturlin, 1904)

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