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Hill Pigeon

Columba rupestris (Pallas, 1811)

Скалистый голубь | Құз кептері

Dzhungar Alatau
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Blue Hill Pigeon is very similar to Rock Pigeon and well distinguished by the broad white band on tail. Background color of adult Blue Hill Pigeons is bluish-grey, darker on head and neck. On neck, craw and fore-breast plumage have green and purple metallic gloss. The rear-mantle is white, uppertail is lead-grey. Two wing-bars are black and sometimes fitful. Tail feathers are dark-greyish; tail have broad white pre-terminal band, tips of tail feathers are dark; the outer pair of tail feathers are with white outer web. Bill is black, legs are red, eyes are orange or red. Juveniles are similar on adults but without metallic gloss in plumage, all colors are dim, partially with brownish tinge. Size: wing 210-245 mm, tail 115-135 mm, tarsus 23-29 mm, bill 12-18.8 mm. Weight: about 280 gr.


Blue Hill Pigeon breeds in Kazakh Upland (including Kalmyk-Kyrgan and Kyzyltau Mts.), in Kalbinskiy Altai and on the Southern Altai, in Saur, Monrak, Tarbagatay ridges, Dzhungarskiy Alatau and Tien Shan. On Altai, where hybridise with Rock Dove, it almost disappeared.


Blue Hill Pigeon is common, in places rare resident. It inhabits clay precipices and rocky cliffs in low mountains, but in Altai up to 1500-1800 m and in Tien Shan above 2000-2700 m. The breeding is often in separate pairs or in small colonies. Nest is built in hollows, on ledges, in caves or cavities between rocks from thin twigs. Clutch of 2 eggs is in April - June. Probably two broods per season. Both parents incubate and care about chicks. From late summer broods join in flocks, sometimes up to several hundred birds, and they regular fly for food on cereal fields and mountain slope.


Columba rupestris turkestanica (Buturlin, 1908)


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Columba rupestris turkestanica
(Buturlin, 1908)

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Нурлан Онгарбаев: Не стали пугать птицу. Ноги не увидели.

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