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Pin-tailed Snipe

Gallinago stenura (Bonaparte, 1831)

Азиатский бекас | Азиялық тауқұдірет

Western-Altay reserve.
© Anatoly Taran


Breeds in Western Altai in upper reaches of Belaya and Chernaya Uba rivers, on Beloubinskiye lakes and on Markakol lake. On migration observed in Dzharkent area (25 August 1900), on Sorbulak lake near Almaty (14 birds were ringed 21-31 August 1978, 23 August 1980, 9 August – 20 September 1982, 9 September 1983, 25 August 1984 and 18 August – 1 September 1985) and near Tashkent.


Rare breeding migrant. Inhabits sedge hummock marshes, alpine meadow with birch or juniper bushes near stream or other water, at 800-2000 m. Arrives from end of March to May. Nest is built in shallow hole lined with dry grass. Clutches of 4 eggs in early June, juveniles begin to fly in end of July. Autumn migration on foothills plains from August to end of September, one bird recorded near Tashkent in end November.


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