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Wood Sandpiper

Tringa glareola (Linnaeus, 1758)

Фифи | Бөрте балшықшы

Pavlodar obl., Krasnovka
© Oleg Lyakhov


Probably bred in 1966 on Markakol lake (displaying male observed on June 2 1966) and on Shoptykol lake (female with two brood patches collected 22 June 1966), but the next years only late migrants were observed. On Irtysh near Chernoyarka village the bird with the territorial behaviour was observed on June 15, 1982. In source of Kara-Kaba river (2100-2200 m) on small lakes the several disquiet birds were observed from 28 June to 2 July 2004, the nest not found. On migration occurs everywhere in Kazakhstan, on plains and in mountains.


Common (in places abundant) passage migrant, and probably accidental breeding migrant on Altai. Inhabits the river meadows. On seasonal migrations occurs on the shores of rivers, lakes and other waters. In spring appears in mid-March – early April at southern areas, and in April – early May at northern ones; arrived in small groups or flocks of up to one-two dozen birds. Latest spring migrants observed in the end of May – early June. Breeds in separate pairs on marshes. Female with the brood patch was shot on June 22, 1966. In the end of June juveniles with not full grown wings were recorded. The autumn migration begins in July, at first the adults migrate, next juveniles migrate. Latest birds observed in mid-September.


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