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Tibetan Common Crane

Grus grus korelovi (Ilyashenko et Belyalov, 2011)

Тибетский серый журавль | Сұр тырна

Tuzkol lake, Ketmen ridge, Tien Shan
© Oleg Belyalov


In particular the plumage of the head and of the neck's front part of this subspecies is more contrasting then in others subspecies. The red crown is broader then in G. g. lilfordi. Black spots on tertials are as in G. g. archibaldi and the population of G. g. grus in Eastern Europe, less than populations from Western Europe, but more than in G. g. lilfordi. The inside part of vane feathers that form the top of the wing is 5 mm wider, and the inside part of vane of the central rectrices are 10 mm wider than the maximal width of these feathers of other subspecies of Common Crane.


Breeds in the highlands of Central and Eastern Tien Shan.


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Grus grus
(Linnaeus, 1758)
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Grus grus grus
(Linnaeus, 1758)
Grus grus lilfordi
(Sharpe, 1894)
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