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Griffon Vulture

Gyps fulvus (Hablizi, 1783)

Белоголовый сип | Ақбас құмай

Kanshengel, Taukum sands, Almaty oblast
© Gennadiy Dyakin


Breeds in Chu-Ile mountains and in Karatau ridge where there are several colonies. The new colony of about 20 pairs was found in 2002 near Chulak-Kurgan village. On dispersion occurs almost everywhere, including Naurzum, Central Kazakhstan, southern Ustyurt, Betpak-Dala, Saur and Southern Altai, except for Western Kazakhstan. The details of range of dispersions are not explored. In winter time one bird was collected in Turaigyr gorge 15 February 1913, two birds were recorded 18-21 December 2003 on Chardara reservoir.


Griffon Vulture is rare breeding migrant. Inhabits the rocky low mountains (1100-1200 m) with xerophytic vegetation. Nests in colonies of one-two dozens pairs, at 30-50 or sometimes up to 100 m one from another. In the colony in Karatau near Chulak-Kurgan village at least 12 juveniles came into being in 2002. Nest is built in the little cave, recess or on the ledge under the rock projection; nest is constructed from the twigs, old grass stems and is lined with grass. Laying of one egg is in March. Both parents incubate and feed juvenile. The time of fledge is unknown, but in 14 September 2002 the juvenile birds with full grown wings observed on nests. As other scavengers Griffon Vultures concentrate by hundreds birds in places with carrion. Probably non-breeding individuals only take part in wide migrations over all territory of Kazakhstan in summer time. No data on season migrations.


Gyps fulvus fulvus (Hablizi, 1783)


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Gyps fulvus fulvus
(Hablizi, 1783)

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Eurasian Griffon-Vulture

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Владимир Казенас: Спасибо большое за варакушку. Никак не ожидал.


Сергей Л. Волков: Думал я, что у хохотуньи маховые в апреле не столь сильно обтрепанные. А оказывается, бывают такие. Но при этом бывают и совсем целые. Интересно,


Анна Ясько: Так вроде камышовая овсянка, самец.

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